The Fringe Files

Blackhaven Cancelled?

UPDATE: We have decided to cancel our production of Blackhaven due to rising concerns surrounding public safety.

Just when you think you're on track to plan for a show, a deadly global COVID-19 Corona Virus outbreak happens. How will this impact on Blackhaven and its tour run, we don't know right now. Are we concerned? Absolutely.

The show must go on and we met and rehearsed as usual tonight while keeping a close eye on WHO advice.

It's a difficult position to be in. This show has been in the making for seven months. We have invested in the project both financially and emotionally. Whatever is going to be will be, I suppose. It's a terrible situation for everyone.

We are looking at options. Right now, as of Mar 12, 2020, we will be performing at the festivals as planned. Our Bristol show is not quite as straightforward. We are currently looking at opportunities for live streaming through the internet. Some financial investment will be needed to do this. It's something that we've been considering for some time anyway, so maybe this is the start of the jump that we needed.

We're a small, self-funded company. We do not receive any grants so we really do appreciate your support. Please consider coming to see us at one of the festivals. It's a very good ticket price and this income helps to offset our costs. More importantly, we need an audience, without one... well... why would we keep doing what we do?