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The Fringe Files present Blackhaven in 2021

For 2020, The Fringe Files was to present horror, Blackhaven, a new one act stage play, written and directed by Michael Starr.

The Trailer

Here's the official video trailer:

The Plot

It’s just another night for Cynthia and Will on their controversial night-time radio talk show. All seems well before technical failures kick in and residents of Blackhaven start reporting strange events. The very survival of this small rural community will soon be hanging in the balance.

The Notes

For this production, The Fringe Files welcomed back regulars Michael Starr (writer / director), Seb Webber (sound tech), Chris Harris-Beechey (performer), Rhian Brimble (stage manager) and Ian Tapner (set design). New members Kirsty Elizabeth Johnstone (performer), Hannah Turner (graphic design), Joe Chadney (light tech) and Daniel Wright (performer) joined us for the first time.

As part of our 10th year anniversary, Blackhaven was to feature special cameos from The Fringe Files legendary alumni Stuart Lyddon, Theresa Roche, Adam Holland, Emma Victoria Loveday, Charlotte Elizzabeth Langley, Craig Weaver & Brian Paterson.

Blackhaven featured our largest team to date.

The Timetable

NOTE - Due to the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic, this production was cancelled just four days before the first performance was scheduled.

Originally. rehearsals ran from January 2020 to March 2020 at the Church of St Thomas the Martyr (Bristol). Performances were scheduled to take place at The Warehouse Theatre (Ilminster) as part of the Somerset County Drama Festival on March 21, 2020, Norden Farm (Maidenhead) as part of the Maidenhead Drama Festival on March 28, 2020 and the Church of St Thomas the Martyr (Bristol) on April 4, 2020.

The Team

The following members contributed to this production:

Kirsty Elizabeth Johnstone
Daniel Wright
Chris Harris-Beechey
Stuart Lyddon
Theresa Roche
Adam Holland
Emma Victoria Loveday
Charlotte Elizzabeth Langley
Craig Weaver
Brian Paterson

Michael Starr

Michael Starr

Stage Management
Rhian Brimble

Sound Technical
Seb Webber

Light Technical
Joe Chadney
Chris Harris-Beechey

Set Design
Ian Tapner
Michael Starr

Graphic Design
Hannah Turner

The Archives

We like to document our production progress via our online blog. Do be sure to check out our posts relating to Blackhaven.

The Statistics

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The Script

Please refer to our Scripts Page if you are interested in performing this play. Please also consider making a token Donation to the writer.