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Christmas Evie the Panto

For late 2016, The Fringe Files presented new seasonal family show, Christmas Evie the Panto, written and directed by Michael Starr.

The Trailer

Here's a rehearsal video trailer:

The Plot

When rebellious sibling Grace consistently misbehaves during the build up to Christmas, the wicked Gimbel takes matters into his own hands, banishing Grace from the rest of her family and friends.

Will Grace realise the error of her ways? Will sister Evie, mummy Candy and orphan friend Nicholas manage to rescue her? Join us for this fab feel good family friendly morality tale, featuring popular sing-along tunes along the way.

The Notes

For this production, The Fringe Files welcomed back Brian Paterson (performer), Jon Attwood (performer), Craig Weaver (performer), Charlotte Watkin (front of house), Robert Walker (photographer), Charlotte Wright (performer), Rhian Brimble (stage manager), Sarah Brady (costume design) & Michael Starr (writer / director).

In addition, we were delighted to introduce new members Lisa Wynne (artwork design), Chris Harris-Beechey (performer), Charlotte Elizzabeth Langley (performer), Will Leighton (Lighting Tech) & Emma Victoria Loveday (performer) to the team as newbies.

For the first time, The Fringe Files presented a full length show, which featured our largest ever production team. Additionally, it was the first time that we’d produced a show at a fixed (non-touring) venue and the first time (lots of first times here) that we performed during the Winter period. Catering during the performances was provided by Neck of the Woods cafe.

The Timetable

Rehearsals ran from October 2016 through to December 2016 at the St Werburghs Community Centre (Bristol) twice a week. Performances were at the St Werburghs Community Centre (Bristol) on Saturday, Dec 17th 2016 (2.30pm & 7.30pm) and Sunday, Dec 18th 2016 (2.30pm & 7.30pm).

The Team

The following members were involved with this production:

Craig Weaver
Emma Victoria Loveday
Charlotte Wright
Jon Attwood
Brian Paterson
Chris Harris-Beechey
Charlotte Elizabeth Langley

Michael Starr

Michael Starr

Stage Management
Rhian Brimble

Sound Technical
Michael Starr

Light Technical
Will Leighton

Graphic Design
Lisa Wynne

Robert Walker

Costume Design
Sarah Brady

Front of House
Charlotte Watkin

Neck of the Woods

The Archives

We like to document our production progress via our online blog. Do be sure to check out our posts relating to Christmas Evie the Panto.

The Statistics

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The Script

Please refer to our Scripts Page if you are interested in performing this play. Please also consider making a token Donation to the writer.